Hollywood’s Top 10 Best Male Abs

Hollywood's Top 10 Best Male Abs

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine (yes I do flip through a Cosmo from time to time), girls rated abs as the number 1 bodypart they “appreciate most” in a guy. Big surprise!

And now that it’s summer and officially shirtless season, your abs are gonna be on full display.

Time For Some Tough Love

So here’s the big question: Are your abs ready to be in the spotlight? Pull up your shirt now, look down, and think critically about your abs. Are you stoked on how they look? Because if you’re not stoked on them, why would anyone else be (no offense)?

Don’t Worry, There’s Still Time

Don’t worry, if your abs aren’t quite where you’d like them to be, you’ve still got a week before 4th of July, the granddaddy of all summer parties. So in this post, I’ll show you the top 10 best male abs in hollywood to give you some inspiration, and then I’ll give you a 1 week plan that’ll tighten and tone your abs fast!

 Hollywood’s Top 10 Best Male Abs


1. Ryan Reynolds 

Ryan Reynolds has the undisputed best abs in Hollywood. Ever since his shirtless scene in Blade Trinity a few years ago, “Ryan Reynolds abs” has been one of the most highly searched terms on Google. Guys wanna be him, and girls wanna be on him. And his abs have only gotten better. In his recent movie The Green Lantern, Ryan was ripped up like Rambo!


2. Joe Manganiello 

Joe is best known as the “hunky” werewolf in the racy HBO series “True Blood.” The guy is yoked! But the abs didn’t come easy – Manganiello works out twice a day and eats a super clean diet. Clearly, the hard work has paid off!


3. Mario Lopez 

This former Saved By The Bell star now looks even better than he did 20 years ago. At almost 40 years old, Lopez has the 8 pack most 20 year old guys would kill for. Just goes to show you can get great abs at any age. If he can get in that kind of shape, what’s stopping you?


4. Ryan Gosling 

Ryan Gosling has become a heartthrob after his role as a the bad boy in Crazy, Stupid, Love. In that movie, Gosling has it all; the charm, the money, the style, the girls, and most importantly, the abs.


5. Zack Efron 

Mr. High School Musical himself now has one of the best bods in Hollywood. In preparation for his recent movie The Lucky One, Efron put on 18lbs of muscle and carved out a crazy set of abs.


6. Channing Tatum 

If you’ve seen commercials for the new movie Magic Mike, you know how shredded Channing Tatum is. In the movie, Tatum plays a male stripper alongside other 6 pack stallions like Matthew Mcconaughey and Joe Manganiello.


7. Taylor Lautner 

We’ve got another werewolf on our top 10 list of best Hollywood abs. Taylor Lautner, one of the stars of the Twilight series, has a great set of abs that pisses guys off and turns girls on. I’ll be honest, I watched the New Moon movie and


8. Cam Gigandet 

Cam Gigandet showed off some of the most impressive abs ever seen on the big screen in the MMA movie Never Back Down. I remember watching that movie and realizing that you don’t need a bunch of muscle to look good; in fact, lean is a better look than big and bulky. Rewatch that movie to get stoked on working out.


9. Matthew Mcconaughey 

This guy goes shirtless more often than any guy in Hollywood, and for good reason. He is ripped! Just open any girls magazine and you’ll see photos of him surfing, running, even skateboarding sans shirt. So channel your inner Mcconaughey by throwing on a bandana and going for a shirtless run.


10. Brad Pitt 

The abs that started it all. Brad Pitt’s abs in the movie Fight Club changed the way people thought about looking good. He single-handedly started the transition to the lean body look. Although he hasn’t been seen shirtless recently, I’ll bet he’s still rocking the abs underneath his thousand dollar suits.


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Enjoy it


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